How to Get Better in Basketball?

How to Improve in Basketball

How to Get Better in Basketball?

First of all, this article answers the question “How to Get Better in Basketball?”. In this article, we will categorize basketball skills into groups. So, these groups will be mainly focused on handling, shooting, defending, passing and reaction. Therefore, this article will focus on basketball drills which will improve your ball handling, improve your shooting and your shooting percentage.

Understanding the Game

How to Improve in Basketball - Steve nash

Basketball can be played individually against an opponent or as a team sport. So, the skillset changes on what type of game you are going to play. If you want to focus on 1v1, you don’t need to improve yourself as a passer. Furthermore, if you are interested in team play, you should focus on all of the aspects of the game. According to Steve Nash, basketball is not a talent game only, you need to work really hard to be good at basketball. Furthermore, he said “If every basketball player worked as hard as I did, I’d be out of a job”


As basketball evolved, it showed us some unique players with different mindsets. These mindsets help them to evolve as players and give extra motivation to improve their game. So, if you want to improve yourself you should be ready for hard work. Basketball is like playing an instrument, you cant directly improve or learn to play, you need to practice day by day. So, you can’t get direct results from one training directly.

If you shoot one hundred free throws each day for a year, you will improve. On the first day, you might get 30 buckets, on the second 31, on third 32 so on and on. So even %1 percent improvement is an improvement and it should encourage you.

How to Improve in Basketball: Handling

Handle in basketball is to manipulate the ball with your hands. Even though handling is defined as manipulating things with your hand, there is also a footwork routine. To be a good offensive player, you need to handle really well.

Basic Routines for General Handling

This is a video about basic dribbling drills. In this video, the instructor shows us how to do them. Moreover, the repetition of this routine is up to you. Furthermore, this routine is just to stretch your muscles around your body to reduce the chance to get injured or soreness.

Crossover Varations

Crossovers are the most used skill in basketball. It allows you to shift your speed and direction fast. This workout focuses only on crossovers. This routine is a good start to work with, master a step then go for the other one. So, if you think you have achieved a good cross-over go for the second exercise. Also, don’t forget that it’s not about speed, it’s about the cleanliness of the move, if you learn to do it mechanically you will get faster and faster each rep. This video also includes nearly all of the crossover basics you can do. You can mix these crossovers training if you want advanced training.

Step Back

Step back is used in current NBA a lot. Especially, Mr.Beard and Luka Doncic use it a lot to create shooting opportunities. It is one of the hardest moves to do without traveling because it needs a good hand and feet coordination. People generally tend to take an extra step when doing this routine so be careful and try to count your steps. At start just focus on your feet without the ball, mimic your hand movements without the ball and set your feet first. Then, try it with the ball without shooting. When you feel that the position you created is well balanced, start shooting the ball to find a good posture before shooting. If you think you are off-balance try to work on your feet movements more and make sure that you are balanced.


Spinning with the ball is a bit harder than other two handling tricks because it counts on you to be close to the defender. If you learned other moves and the defender thinks that you can step back, they will try to cover it so you will have an opportunity to spin. This move can be used when you are attacking the rim and go for a lay-up or to pass your defender to create yourself a shooting opportunity. Moreover, you should count your steps again like step back training.

As a conclusion, these three handling moves are vital in your arsenal. Most of the moves are just variants of these three moves. As crossovers section is not a single move actually, it is derived from a single move.

If you are really interested in move combinations, you can check Professor on youtube. Here is a video of Professor teaching James Harden a trick.

How to Improve in Basketball: Shooting

Shooting mechanics are the most important aspect of the basketball of course. Generally, your shooting form starts to shape during your high school years because your body starts to develop. Therefore, finding a shot that fits your body is important during your early years. There are various forms in NBA to copy from. Furthermore, you can copy them and try to adjust your body according to that style.

Where to Aim

Without a doubt, Stephan Curry is one of the greatest shooters in NBA history. In this video, he talks about where he looks at while shooting. To be a good shooter you need to learn where to look. This video is self-explanatory.

Simple Shooting Form Training

In this video, Klay Thompson and Ryan Anderson give us some insight into their short forms and talks about how important leg base is.

Simple Shooting Drills

IloveBasketballTV shows us and explains to us how to practice our shooting. These are basic routines to get used to your shooting form. It is useful to repeat your shooting so you always release on the same spot. Also, a small tip always uses the same ball when you practice and when you play.

As a conclusion, there are many ways to train your shooting technique. Just Shoot, get the ball, repeat. Repetition is the key in shooting and having an arc that scans through the hoop helps, never shoot in a straight line.

How to Improve in Basketball: Passing

Simple Passing

The video is again self-explanatory, its talks and shows basic mechanics to pass better.

Tips to Pass Better

Good ball movement is very important in the current state of basketball. To pass better you need to move better, keep it simple and always search for teammates that are cutting or have a gap to shoot. Furthermore, never pass softly if there is a risk to get the ball robbed.

Solo Pass Practice

This routine is helpful if you don’t have anybody to practice with you.

How to Improve in Basketball: Defending

Games are won with a good defense. Therefore, a rock-solid defender will be always in need. There will be days that you won’t shoot as well as you do normally but defending will be always consistent if you know what you do. There are even some NBA players that build careers around defending.

Patrick Beverly

Bballbreakdown talks about Patrick Beverley’s unusual stance. This video breakdown Patrick Beverley’s stance and his reactions. He is a good short player to copy.

Kawhi Leonard

Kawhi was crucial in Raptors championship. He increased the quality standards of the league about defending. He was once the Defensive Player of the Year and this video breakdown his defense. In this video youtube Coach Mike breakdowns his defensive stance.

How to Become a Lockdown Defender

In this video YouTube channel By Any Means Basketball explains how to become a lockdown defender.

As a result, defending is all about anticipating your opponent’s movement and understanding what he prefers to do. Playing against good players that beats you down on 1 v 1 will improve you each time you face him or her.

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