Lakers Possible Free Agent Strategy

Lakers Fa Strategy!

Lakers Possible Free Agent Strategy for the Nba title, After trading Anthony Davis.

Lakers Possible Free Agent Strategy article is going to focus on 2nd-tier players. So we are keeping Kemba Walker, Kawhi, Kyrie Irving or Jimmy Butler out of this list. Although it is a big possibility for Lakers to head for a star player.

Bojan Bogdanovic (Utah Jazz)

Fa list might include Bojan Bogdanovic.

Bogdanovic 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 81, Pts: 18.0, Trb: 4.1, Ast: 2.0, Fg %: 49.7, Fg 3%: 42.5, Per:16.1

Bojan Bogdanovic is a perfect fit for Lakers. He is a good shooter, a solid defender, can put the ball on the floor and a good passer. Moreover, he is a sharpshooter that Lakers need to pair with Anthony Davis and Lebron James. Bogdanovic is also a good teammate who has no problems in the locker room and a high work ethic.

JJ Redick (Pelicans)

JJ Redick on Lakers in this Free agency?

Redick 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 76, Pts: 18.1, Trb: 2.4, Ast: 2.7, Fg %: 44.0, Fg 3%: 39.7, Per:15.1

JJ Redick is one of the 10 players who shot above 39 percent from the 3-point line with at least 3 attempts. In September Redick said that Lakers pursued him on Free Agency, last summer. It will be hard to determine his FA value, but Redick is a big possibility for the Los Angeles Lakers.

Terrence Ross (Orlando)

Could Los Angeles Lakers Possible Free Agent Strategy revolve around Terrance Ross?

Ross 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 81, Pts: 15.1, Trb: 3.5, Ast: 1.7, Fg %: 42.8, Fg 3%: 38.3, Per:15.4

Terrence Ross had a great 2018-2019 season with Orlando Magic. Therefore, his Free Agent market might be high. If Lakers decide to go for Ross they will have a good pick-and-roll player that could open up some space for Lebron and Davis to play some off the ball. Moreover, Terrence Ross is a good offensive player who can create shots for himself.

Patrick Beverley

Patrick Beverley is one of the toughest guy in the League and can be a perfect fit for Los Angeles Lakers!

Beverley 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 78, Pts: 7.6, Trb: 5.0, Ast: 3.8, Fg %: 40.7, Fg 3%: 39.7, Per:11.8

Patrick Beverley is a great defensive player and he is not just a defensive player like most people think. He improved his offense in the last 3 years. So, Los Angeles Lakers might be interested to get him. He is a capable floor spacer when Lebron has the ball and he only made $ 5 million last year.

Danny Green (Reportedly, Dallas)

Will Kawhi stay? If he doesnt will Green stay or test Fa?

Green 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 80, Pts: 10.3, Trb: 4.0, Ast: 1.6, Fg %: 46.5, Fg 3%: 45.5, Per:15.4

The other guy in the trade Danny Green. In our list about Los Angeles Lakers Free Agent targets, some of the other Free Agent talents fit and there is Danny Green. Danny Green would be the perfect fit for Davis and Lebron duo. He has the playoff experience, a great 3 point shot and he is a reliable defender. He only made $ 10 million last year so Lakers could dip in the market for him but the only problem with this trade is if Kawhi stays, he might also stay in Raptors.

Darren Collison (Retired)

Collison might be great Fa for Lakers.

Collison 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 76, Pts: 11.2, Trb: 3.1, Ast: 6.0, Fg %: 46.7, Fg 3%: 40.7, Per:16.7

Much like Patrick Beverley, Darren Collison is one of the underrated players in the league. He shot over 40 percent in the last 3 years. He is a good defender, decent shooter, and a passer. If Los Angeles Lakers want to sign him, they could get him around $ 10 million.

Rodney Hood

Hood 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 72, Pts: 11.2, Trb: 2.2, Ast: 1.8, Fg %: 43.5, Fg 3%: 35.6, Per: 12.3

Lebron and Hood were teammates on Cavaliers and it didn’t go well but he had a decent playoff run with Portland. He is a reliable defender and capable one-on-one scorer who could relieve Lebron from pressure. He is a player that can make Lakers ‘ second unit really dangerous.

DeMarcus Cousins

It is a long shot but bogie man can come.

Cousins 2018-2019 Stats:
Gp: 30, Pts: 16.3, Trb: 8.2, Ast: 3.6, Fg %: 48.0, Fg 3%: 27.4, Per: 21.4

DeMarcus Cousins could be a bust or a steal. Moreover, Cousins and Davis were teammates during their run on Pelicans and it didn’t end well but ironically there is a possibility to reunite. Cousins injury set his career back and probably Golden State will offer him a one-year extension while paying him $ 10-12 million. If Los Angeles Lakers go for Cousins in this Free Agency we will have some interesting stories for sure.