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This article will focus on the Free to Play card game MAGIC THE GATHERING ARENA. MTGA is a game based on a table-top competitive card game Magic the Gathering. Therefore, it uses the same game mechanics as its table-top game.

What is Magic the Gathering Arena?

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MTG or Magic the Gathering is a card game founded by Richard Garfield and released in 1993 by Wizards of the Coast (Now Hasbro). Magic was the first card game and it has reached 20-30 million players. The game is based on players to gain cards through booster packs, in-game achievements or microtransactions purchases, and build their own deck to compete against each other. This article will be a brief article about the game and just stay over some topics like why should I play MTGA, how to play magic and how to improve in magic. So, if you are interested in a more detailed analysis of the game you can check Magic The Gathering official site.

Why should I play Magic the Gathering Arena over other card games?

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As we told before Magic is the first ever card game in his genre. To compare with other card games, the most notable difference is that Magic is based on interacting with opponents turns and strategies. Furthermore, general card games based on this genre doesn’t allow you to do anything on your opponents turn but magic is focused on interacting with the opponent. Some other games like Eternal card game give you this opportunity also but the sole purpose of Eternal was to create a game like Magic the Gathering and publish a free to play solution on digital platforms. For example, the creators of Eternal is Magic the Gathering, professional players like Luis Scott-Vargas and Patrick Chapin.

Magic the Gathering also offers serious competitive play. There are world-wide tournaments each year to play against best players around the world. Mtg tournaments hosted digital and paper Magic the Gathering and give money prize, special cards and etc. So, if you are hooked you can read the rest of the article, if you are looking for a casual card game, you can look Hearthstone, Eternal and Faeria.

How to play Magic: The Gathering?

For basics of the game, you can watch this informative video created by Magic: The Gathering youtube channel.

Things you should know before diving in

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As we started to play magic back in 2011, there are somethings that we wished we knew. When we started to play Magic the Gathering, there were no free to play legitimate platforms like MTGA, there was Magic The Gathering Online. So we started to play in paper format.

First of all, you should understand that this is a collectible card game. So you need to grind or pay to get some cards from boosters in Magic The Gathering and it will take time or resources to achieve cards. Secondly, The game itself is not designed for beginners to succeed immediately. So, don’t expect direct results. You should practice and watch good players to play. Thirdly, the game is based on drawing cards so there is luck involved but never blame luck, try to understand what you could have done differently.

As a conclusion, if we started today we wish that somebody would tell us to be more patient. Focus on understanding the game mechanics. Furthermore, we wished that we learn to criticize our plays earlier so we could have better win percentages and never blame the luck factor or get agitated because of it.

To get further, if you are a total newbie to card games, we advise you to first watch YouTube informative videos. If you know how to play magic then let’s carry on.

Understanding the Meta

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Magic the Gathering is not a single player game, so meta shifts day by day. If you want to play the game competitively you should learn how to read the daily and season meta. Furthermore, you can read some sites and see the percentages that decks are played in that season. For Instance, a good resource is MTGgoldfish. It allows you to see what cards and decks are being played. If you can understand what people play generally, you can counter their deck which will lead to better win percentages. So you should work on the meta and understand it clearly. You should be able to tell your opponents’ deck if it’s a meta deck in earlier rounds. Therefore, you can strategize your plays according to his deck earlier.

There are some quality online article providers like Channel FireBall and StarCityGames. They will help you to understand the meta, card synergies and which plays are better in some conditions.

How do i improve my self in Magic the Gathering Arena?

There are tons of articles in Channel Fireball, StarCityGames. So, you can read these articles from pro players and understand their thought process. Moreover, there are players that are constantly streaming in Twitch. You can watch them (Look to their bio and see if they have won anything). Moreover, you can join the MTGA reddit page. So you can share your plays with them and ask them to analyze. Magic the Gathering community is generally really helpful and not that toxic.

As a conclusion, according to us Magic The Gathering Arena is a great digital competitive card game and don’t have any rivals that can compete with the richness of its gameplay mechanics. Also if you are interested in lore, there are tons and tons of stories about the sets. You can check lore from Mtg official story page.

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