Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide

A vampire sitting on a ledge, while 2 corpeses hanging. The picture represents the person who is looking to it, to join. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2
Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2

Vtm Bloodlines 2 clans guide will introduce the clans in the upcoming Vtm game.

Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide will introduce 5 Kindred clans and thin blood. Vtm Bloodlines 2 will be based on Seattle after a mass embrace. Mass Embrace is a term in Vampire the Masquerade universe. Moreover, it refers to “Kindred” kidnaping Kine (Mortals) to convert them into vampires. Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 will be the newest addition to Bloodlines series after a 16-year hiatus.


Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide Brujah: A mustached vampire, who looks like he is from a bike gang. Brujah will be a playable class in upcoming Vampire the Masquerade Bloodlines 2 game.

The Brujah has never been a large part of the Seattle Kindred community, but when Brujah shows up to a party, they make their presence felt immediately. Seattle Brujah kindred is leftovers from a failed Anarch movements in the past century. Seattle Brujah Kindred claim that they have no interest in Seattle Kindred political factions.


Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide Tremere: A magician vampire. She is looking at her hand. She looks like a witch. They will be playable class in Bloodlines 2

Throughout Seattle`s history, Tremere kindred waw not allowed to be a mass population but that has changed recently. Moreover, Tremere had sought allies in Seattle, offering their services and secrets which they kept to themselves. However, not all of the kindred in Seattle warmly welcomes the warlocks to their city.


Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide Toreador: A vampire who looks beautiful. Toreadors are obsesed with their beauty. In Vtm, they will be a playable class.

Toreador kindred has been in good standing within the power structure in Seattle kindred. Moreover, these kindred is obsessed with beauty in all forms, which you can see throughout Seattle. You can find Toreador in the downtown partying like it`s their last.


A business man look alike vampire. They will be available clan in bloodlines.

Seattle has always been an interest to industry, and of course, the Ventrue is there to capitalize on its fortune from day one. Therefore, Ventrue kindred is always been there if it includes power, money, and politics. In the 21st century, they convert themselves into a businessman and dealt with residents of Seattle that way.


A masked vampire figure, look calm. They are normally insane vampires. They will be available on the release date.

Malkavian kindreds are excluded by Seattle Kindred society. These kindred is near insane, therefore they claim the unwanted territories and less desirable districts. Very few Malkavian kindred manage to rise in the Seattle kindred society.

Thin Blood

Thin blood  are the lowest form of the vampires. They look like street urchins. They also will be available at launch.

As the last clan related to Vtm Bloodlines 2 Clan Guide Thin blood is the lowest form of vampires. They are not exactly included in the kindred society if they do things that kindred society doesn’t want they get punished. They are like street kids in Kindred society.

As a conclusion, Vtm Bloodlines 2 will have Brujah, Malkavian, Tremere, Toreador, Ventrue and Thin Blood in the Seattle vampire community.

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