New James Bond will be Lashana Lynch!

New James Bond will be Lashana Lynch!

The un-named James Bond (Bond 25) movie will introduce us to the new 007 Lashana Lynch. Lashana Lynch is the fighter pilot Maria Rambeau in MCU’s Captain Marvel. As resources say, she will take over the role of 007 in MI6 after Daniel Craig’s James Bond leaves it. Moreover, there will be a scene where M will call for 007 and Lashana Lynch will come.

According to rumors and sources, the name of James Bond will not pass over to Lashana Lynch but the code name 007 will pass on to her. Therefore, she will not exactly be James Bond but when she takes over 007, James Bond franchise will move to a black woman actress as a 007. So, it will be the first time we will see a woman 007 in Bond franchise.

Who is Lashana Lynch?

Lashana Lynch is a Jamaican descended actress who recently starred in Captain Marvel. Moreover, she also starred in Still Star-Crossed in Abc period drama series.

What will happen to 007?

Well, James Bond series is majorly focused on the male-dominant environment of the spy world. So, it will be refreshing to see a female Bond, the only problem is Hollywood is trying to cash-cow black actresses recently. They switched Mj in Spiderman, Asgard’s leader as a black woman, Starfire in Dc become black and Ariel is going to be played as a black woman. Although, it is really nice to see that Black actresses and actors getting acknowledged by their acting skills, Hollywood is really trying to replicate the success of Black Panther.

As a conclusion, it is really nice to see a female 007, we really hope Lashana Lynch will break the walls in our head revolving the idea of James Bond being a male.

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