Jean Luc-Picard is returning! Star Trek: Picard first impressions!

Jean Luc-Picard is returning! Star Trek: Picard first impressions!

Jean Luc-Picard is returning! Star Trek: Picard first impressions!

After watching the trailer of Star Trek: Picard these are our first impressions on the subject. First of all, it has been long years since we see Jean-Luc Picard who is played by Patrick Steward on a T.V screen. Secondly, we have seen some old friends in the trailer and some possible characters who are probably related to the original cast.

Trailer Breakdown

The trailer is published in San Diego Comic-Con. It was a big surprise because no one is expecting Patrick Steward to go back to play Jean Luc-Picard. There were some rumors before that there will be a Tv-Series related to Star Trek but rumors were generally focused on a new series. So to lets “Engage!“.

The first thing we noticed is that we hear Picard saying “He died because of me” to Data. Data is the first android in USS Enterprise. He was a crucial crew-member in Star Trek: The Next Generation. After that, we noticed that some mystery characters that might be related to old crew members. Moreover, we see that a mysterious woman approach to Picard which forces him to meet an admiral to protect her. This mystery woman might be related to Borg because there is a scar on her forehead where we see Borgs implement their tech. Also, we see a Borg cube in the trailer. Furthermore, The Comic-Con panel %100 confirms that Del Arco is performing his role as Hugh, as the Borg Drone from the episode “I, Borg” and “Descent” on The Next Generation.

Will Data Return?

Jean Luc-Picard is returning! Star Trek: Picard first impressions!

At San Diego Comicon, we didn’t get any approvals to this matter. We know that there are technologies to make Brent Spiner who portrayed Data in the series, could be de-aged digitally. But, the sole question is will they reserve funds for that? Probably, we will see data but they won’t work with Brent Spiner. Also, there are some rumors that data will not play a vital role and we will see a new character that is close to Spock. But, we believe that this rumor won’t be the truth and we will get some nostalgia out of Picard and Data combo.

Why they are filming a Star Trek T.v show now?

In the last 30 years, Star Wars is dominating the sci-fi movies in the box office. After Star Trek sign Quentin Tarantino for their new movie. So they want to set a hype to the title. Mixed reviews from their show Star Trek: Discovery couldn’t succeed that. So they need to make another move before the movie comes out.

Why Picard?

Jean-Luc Picard at a meeting

In these days everything works with social media. So to get a social media presence, is there any better move to make. Other than using Patrick Stewards, Jean Luc-Picard?
No, because Patrick Steward himself is a big star in the industry and probably the biggest star from Star Trek history.

Will the series be any good?

Old picture of Picard and Data

The short answer is yes, probably it will be the most-watched sci-fi series currently airing. Why? Because if you announce your biggest nostalgia gun, you need to make it work. You can’t go wrong with this. If you do, you will lose all the hype for the movie and to be clear movies make really big money rather than t.v. So, if Star Trek: Picard fails, their devoted fans will have an uprising. The backlash could hurt the title really hard, because of the attempts they make in t.v recent years is not really good. Also, you cant convince Patrick Steward with a bad script.

We really hope that Star Trek: Picard will be a hit. The topics they used back in the glorious days were revolutionary. Woman rights to diversity they really try to give a great message to viewers when there was not much T.v show trying to do that. So, we believe it will be great if the young generation like Star Trek and it will be revolutionary for t.v like in the old days.