Best Passport to Travel

Best Passport to Travel

This article covers the best passport to travel with. Moreover, It has been ranked by Henley Passport Index who periodically checks these passports accessibility over the globe. Furthermore, as fellow travelers like us, you can check your countries passport power index from Henley Passport Index.

Passport Power Index is based on countries political policies against other countries, their economic strength and their partnerships with other countries.

Top 10 List of Best Passport to Travel in 2019

  • 10. Latvia, Slovakia, Slovenia (189 possible destinations)
  • 9. New Zeland, Australia, Iceland, Lithuania (180)
  • 8. Czech Republic (181)
  • 7. Malta (182)
  • 6. Greece, Belgium, Canada, Ireland, Norway, U.K, U.S (183)
  • 5. Switzerland, Austria, Netherlands, Portugal (184)
  • 4. France, Spain, Sweeden (185)
  • 3. Denmark, Italy, Luxembourg (186)
  • 2. South Korea, Germany, Finland (187)
  • 1. Singapore, Japan (189)

In 2018 Germany is the best passport to travel but they decline to the 2nd spot with South Korea and Finland. Furthermore, after Brexit, the United Kingdom who is in 2015 the strongest passport, declined to a 6th place. Henley Index stated that “With its exit from the EU is now imminent, and coupled with ongoing confusion about the terms of its departure, the UK’s once-strong position looks increasingly uncertain. “

The biggest surprise, in general, is that the United Arab Emirates made to top 20 for the first time. Also, according to the Henley Index, the worst passports to hold is Afghanisthan.

Worst Passports to Travel in 2019

  • 101. North Korea , Bangladesh, Eritrea, Iran, Lebanon (39)
  • 102. Nepal (38)
  • 103. Palestinian Territory, Libya, Sudan (37)
  • 104. Yemen (33)
  • 105. Somalia (31)
  • 106. Pakistan (30)
  • 107. Syria (29)
  • 108. Iraq (27)
  • 109. Afghanistan (25)

So this index includes the economical strength and political policies of countries, it’s not a surprise to see Syria, Iraq, and Afghanistan in the bottom of this list. We hope the political and economic problems in the Middle East will resolve soon.

As a conclusion, if your passport is not in this list you can go to Henley Passport Index and search for your countries passport.

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