How to Lucid Dream?

How to Lucid Dream?

What is Lucid Dreaming?

What is Lucid Dreaming?

In this article, we will talk about how to lucid dream and what is lucid dreaming.

We all heard of the movie Inception. The basic concept of Inception is that some of the people inside the dream know that they are inside a dreaming state. Lucid dreaming is the condition where the dreamer knows that he is inside a dream. The dreamer has some control over the narrative and environment. Most of us have this experience once or twice in our lives.

Lucid dreaming happens when you are in REM sleep. Moreover, REM stands for Rapid Eye Movement. Furthermore, it is a state where your brain functions more then non-Rem sleep state. For more information about REM, you can look Rapid eye movement sleep from Wikipedia.

What is the advantages?

According to studies, Lucid Dreaming increases person creativity, reduce anxiety, and reduce depression. This method is used to treat PTSD patients, depression, and nightmares.

What is the disadvantages?

Even though, there are no studies that show that Lucid Dreaming has a side effect on the long run. If you are a person that can be easily scared, this experience may be frightening.

How to Lucid Dream?

1. Relaxing Environment

How to Lucid Dream?

First, you need to make sure that the place you are sleeping is relaxing. Secondly, you want this place to feel safe and you won’t get disturbed by outside noises or people.

2. Keep a Dream Journal

Keep a Dream Journal

Write down your dreams, lots of us even doesn’t remember their own dreams. You need to first focus on remembering your dreams before being aware that you are inside a dream. Read your dreams before you go to bed until you start to remember your dreams more often don’t force yourself into lucid dreaming.

3. Reality Checks

Reality Checks

Reality checks are a must on this list. It will help you to check if you are in a dream or in reality. The most common and the basic thing to do is, take a newspaper or a book into your hand, don’t read it but focus on its structure. Then, change your focus to something else, then go back and look it again. If the structure seems disrupted, you know that you are inside a dream.

4. Wake-initiated Lucid Dreaming Technique (W.I.L.D)


When you wake up, don’t open your eyes. Daydream about a situation or a setting. Start to think about that and create a narrative while you are awake. In some point of narrating your own story like a author, you will fall asleep but your mind will continue that dream and you will be aware.

Some people use this method, says it is like being inside a paralysis. So it can be scary. You will turn back to normal when you completely wake up but again thinking that you are paralyzed might trigger a panic attack.

5. Mnemonic Induction to Lucid Dreaming Technique (M.I.L.D)


When you are inside your bed or when you are ready to lucid dream infuse yourself the thought that you will be inside a dream. If you can manage to continue thinking about this until you sleep, your brain will be manipulated into a stage where it knows that you are dreaming. This will take some tries to manage but in the end, you will have a lucid dream.

6. Which one to choose?

W.I.L.D is easier to do then M.I.L.D but it might be scarier for the first tries. Researches generally prefer W.I.L.D over M.I.L.D.

7. How to Control Your Dream?

If you have managed to differentiate that you are dreaming to the real world, you should try to change the narrative of it. You can suggest your self the things you want to happen, people, you want to see or talk or even bend the physics of your dreams. Even though, you will know you are inside a dream, controlling it will also take some practice because it is harder to do.

You should also know that lucid dreaming is a mantra and similar to meditating. You should plant an idea inside your subconscious. “I will be inside a dream”, “I can control this dream” and “I will narrate my own story”.

Is it Scary?

If you have any mental or psychological illness, we will not suggest you try lucid dreaming. It can lead you to lose control of your dream and your subconscious can turn your dream into a nightmare. Moreover, if you have panic attacks you should not try to control your lucid dreaming or even try it. Lucid dreaming can be a therapeutic thing but a psychologist should be the one that decides that. You shouldn’t lucid dream for psychological reasons.

How to Reasearch?

If you can find a research paper about Lucid Dreaming you should definitely read it, also if you have a therapist you should definitely ask this topic. It is an alternative method in psychology to tend to patients with certain problems or phobias. You should also be aware that lots of articles revolve around planting ideas inside your head about lucid dreaming. It is a fun subject but you should do this without being influenced. It is crucial to know that if you have any psychological problems you should first advise this subject to your psychologist.

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