Tips on How to Sleep Better And Faster

Tips on How to Sleep ?

Tips on How to Sleep Better And Faster

If you can’t sleep easily this article will give you tips on Tips on “How to Sleep Better And Faster ?” faster.

Tips on How to Sleep Better And Faster:

Set your Room Temperature

Tips on How to Sleep ? Room

While you are sleeping your core body temperature drops while your hands and feet get warm. If you are trying to sleep in a cold or hot environment you will have a hard time to sleep. According to studies, the best temperature to sleep is between 15-23 °C or 60–75°F. Furthermore, to help the sleeping process you can take a warm shower or bath which could help your body temperature to shift quicker for you to sleep.

“4-7-8” Breathing Technique

Breathing Technique

4-7-8 breathing technique focuses on relaxing your nervous system. This method can be also used if you are in stress or feeling anxious.
Here are the steps you need to do:

  1. Slowly inhale from your nose.
  2. Place the tip of your tongue behind your upper front teeth.
  3. Exhale through your mouth and make a whoosh sound.
  4. Inhale through your nose and count to four while your mouth is closed.
  5. Hold your breath and count to 7.
  6. Open your mouth and exhale like step 3 while counting to eight.
  7. Repeat this at least four times.

This breathing method could help you relax and make you fall asleep faster.

Set your Body Timer

Tips on How to Sleep ? Body Timer

We all work on a clock, we arrange our meeting according to that, meetup with friends according to time and we wake up and go to our work on time. So why does the body be different? You have a biological clock. If you start to go to bed in a certain time frame continuously your body will adjust to that.

Our body also works on schedule so you should plan your sleep intervals and time. If you start to go to bed at eleven o’clock each day for a certain time period, your body will be inclined to get in a sleeping state near eleven o’clock. Furthermore, if you are going to plan to do this always try to sleep seven hours. According to studies optimal time for sleeping is seven hours for humans.

Daylight and Darkness


Our body has an internal clock which can be influenced by Light. Recent studies show that light has a direct effect on the hormone melatonin (Sleeping hormone). If you cant sleep easy, it may be due to exposure to artificial light after dusk and before bedtime. Furthermore, if we secrete melatonin hormone low it will affect our sleep quality deeply.

Yoga and Meditation

Yoga in sunset

When people are under stress or feeling anxious they can’t sleep fast. Yoga and meditation are sports that focus on breathing. If you have serious problems to sleep you can try to meditate before you go to bed or start practicing Yoga. Furthermore, Yoga is not just a sport but a life principle which can help you reduce your stress. There are also studies that suggest Meditation can increase your melatonin count.

Don’t look to the clock

Don't look to clocks

If you want to sleep you need to be calm or relaxed if you continuously look to clocks you will just stress yourself. Moreover, it will stress you out and may produce adrenalin hormone which is produced when we are under stress or pressure. Adrenalin hormone can keep us awake. So, if you want to sleep relaxed just forget about the clocks while you are in bed, just try to relax and sleep.

Food and Sleep


Foods and sleep have a direct connection. Studies show that high carb diets help you sleep faster but it will not be restful as high-fat diets. Furthermore, studies suggest that high-fat diets are better for good night sleep. So if you are doing a high carb diet, try to eat it four hours before going to bed.

Listen to Music or Nature

There is a direct connection with sounds and our brain waves. A study on 24 young adults demonstrates that slow and sedative music sets up a better and deeper sleep. Moreover, other studies support this theory. If you plan to listen to music in the bed, you can go for nature sounds like wave sounds or any music that is soothing to you. Moreover, if you cant have an opportunity to listen to music, try to block all outside noise.


Exercise on tredmill

Exercising has proven to reduce stress hormone and increase serotonin (Happiness hormone). We know that stress is not a good median to sleep. So exercising on a daily basis might help you to sleep better. Also, studies show that exercising early will increase your chance to sleep better than working late. So try to exercise after or before breakfast.

Turn off Electronics

Slide to turn off

There is something called blue light which is actually artificial light. Harvard health studies show that Electronics use this waveform and it directly affects our quality of sleep. Moreover, any light can suppress the secretion of melatonin, blue light at night does it stronger than sunlight. So turning off electronics like Computers, phones will be a good decision before going to bed.

How to think while you are trying to sleep

I cant sleep.

If you are circling thoughts while trying to sleep. The best method you can use is to narrate a soothing or relaxing story. You can dream about a beach where you sunscreen and watching waves or you can think positive thoughts. Negative thoughts affect our mood. So if we focus on them while trying to sleep, we will be stressed out.

You can also keep a journal which you can write positive things that happened to you before going into bed. Researches, show that keeping a journal will help you to focus on positive thoughts and calm your mind. In fact, a study shows that 41 college students that keep journals have reduced bedtime worry and stress and increased the quality of sleep.

Limit Caffeine

Caffeine coffee

Even if you are an avid caffeine drinker and think that it doesn’t affect you it does. Caffeine helps us to fight fatigue and stimulate alertness. It is suggested that refraining from caffeine at least six hours before bedtime will increase your sleeping quality. So, staying away from coffee before bed would be a great benefit for you.

Sleeping Position

Dog Sleep

You can sleep in three positions. Stomach, side or back. Traditionally, people believed that sleeping on back will be a better position to sleep but researches show that it leads to blocked airways. If you don’t have any problems with your body, you should try to sleep side.

Read a Book

Tips on How to Sleep ?

Reading something can improve your overall sleep. It winds you down but beware that reading a book doesn’t mean to use Kindle or electronic devices. Don’t forget that blue light affects our melatonin hormone! So read a traditional book!

Paradoxical Intention

Tips on How to Sleep ?

This is a strange method but it is based on an idea that trying to keep your self awake is a better way to sleep than forcing your self to sleep. A study showed that people who try this technique paradoxically will sleep faster. if you want to learn about the paradoxical intention you can check this Wikipedia page.


Tips on How to Sleep ?

Close your eyes and visualize what you like or makes you happy. Think about it, create stories related to that. Think of yourself as a book character and write a story in your head. It will help you to relax and at one point the story will be your dream.

As a conclusion, these methods have shown to work on various people. You can try these methods to sleep better. We hope the Tips on How to Sleep Better And Faster will help you sleep and dream better!

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