Who is Billie Eilish?

Bury A Friend

Who is the Billie Eilish?

Billie Eilish Pirate Baird O’Connell is an American singer, songwriter, and model who was raised in Los Angeles’ Highland Park. She is mostly known for her work in the music industry rather than modeling. Furthermore, Billie Eilish releases her first song “Ocean Eyes” on Soundcloud. In the meantime, the producers from record labels like Darkroom and Interscope records find the song and sign Billie Eilish. Moreover, She generally sings her own Hip Hop or Pop songs.

Debut ep Don’t Smile at Me

Her debut EP Don’t Smile at Me released in 2017. It reached Top 15 charts in the U.S, U.K, Canada, and Australia. This EP included some hits from Billie Eilish like “Bellyache”, “Idontwanttobeyou” and her first song on SoundCloud “Ocean Eyes”. Moreover, Ocean Eyes were originally written by Billie’s brother Fineas O’Connel and intended to be a song for his band.

First Album “When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?”

“When We All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” is the first album by Billie Eilish. After the success of her ep, this album was also a hit instantly. Furthermore, this album includes “You Should See Me in a Crown” which has a vertical video on YouTube.

Her first album also includes “Bury a Friend” and “Bad Guy” with both having more than 200 million views on youtube. “When we All Fall Asleep, Where Do We Go?” was compared to Lana Del Rey and Lorde when it first released.

Billie Eilish also likes to use strong images on her videos. Also, she describes herself as a visual artist more than a singer. In “You Should See Me in a Crown” she uses the theme Arachnophobia and built a video around that theme. Also, you can see her strong imagery in a “Bury a Friend” and “When the Party is Over” music video. She also releases a song with Vince Staples named &burn.

Billie generally dresses on baggy and ill-fitted clothes. She stated that Tyler, the Creator influenced her aesthetic. She doesn’t use the motto “Sex Sells” like most of the woman in the music industry. So, she prefers to grab peoples attention by wearing clothes normally people don’t like to wear in public. Moreover, Billie stated that she is aiming to “look memorable” and prove to people that she is more important than they think.

In April 2019, she released a new video for “You Should See Me in a Crown” with Takashi Murakami. Moreover, Dave Grohl said that “My daughters are listening to Billie Eilish and they’re becoming themselves through her music. She totally connects to them. So we went to go see her play at the Wiltern, and that connection that she has with her audience is the same thing that was happening with Nirvana in 1991. The people in the audience know every word.” At last, in her previous interviews, she said that she has Tourette syndrome. She also promotes a vegan lifestyle on her social media.

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