Bitcoin uses more Electricity than 176 countries

Bitcoin uses more electricity than 176 countries

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency and generating it uses more electricity than 176 countries. According to Cambridge University generating Bitcoins uses 60 terawatts of energy and uses more electric then 176 countries.

American Central Intelligence or Cia’s site lists the countries with their electricity usage. When you compare it to the data Cambridge University presents about Bitcoin generation. So, you will see that it uses more electricity than 176 countries which include Sweden, Greece, and Portugues.

Why Does Bitcoin use more Electricity?

Bitcoin transactions and generations are all made from computers. Therefore, even trading bitcoin is consuming energy. Furthermore, the actual consumption goes to the miners who try to generate bitcoin on their devices. There are even cryptocurrency farms which use more than 100 computers to generate bitcoin or any other altcoin.

As a result, Bitcoin is still very popular over the crypto community. You can generate it from multiple computers and with processing power. So, people who hope to generate this currency is getting larger as a community which leads to the energy consumption of Bitcoin getting bigger and bigger each day.

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