President Trump’s decision on Huawei

President Trump’s decision on Huawei

President Trump’s decision to gave Huawei a greenlight had a great impact on the price of Huawei in the stock market. Huawei, who is having trouble nowadays because of the cancellation of Google license, had an important development.

The tension between the Us and China has been causing Huawei a difficult time. Us has an embargo on Huawei products. Moreover, Google’s decision to cancel Huwaei license revocation has confused the market. The smartphone market was confused because of these developments.

But recent days have shown improvement between the attitude by Us to Huawei. Recently, Intel and Microsoft announced that they will continue supporting Huawei. President Trump’s decision on Huawei stated that American companies can still sell Huawei products.

Trump also added that if Huawei will not be a “National Security Problem”, American companies could still sell Huawei products. Huawei and other Chinese based companies were on an embargo by Trump because of National Security.

Even though Google will end his support to Huawei which will cost $425m to the company according to Nomura Instinet. At least, Huawei can sell their products in the American market without an embargo by the US.

Last year Huawei CEO Richard Yu said to German Die Welt that they were planning to continue within Google ecosystem but they were planning to work on a Huawei Operating System as a plan B. So, we can say that Huawei was expecting to Google to stop their partnership.

Today, there was a claim about Huawei Operating System from the British press. According to reports, Huawei CEO Yu Chengdong informed his inner circle that the company will have its own operating system ready within a few months.

As a conclusion, we can say that Huawei is getting some good news after Google left them. Moreover, people started to talk about the probability of all Chinese Companies leaving android.

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